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BIOTAL technology is an innovative way of deep biological wastewater treatment with the use of seven-stage purification with multi-contour direct and reverse recirculation of active sludge through reactors, which ensures high purification efficiency.

BIOTAL – implementation of a number of new, protected by patents, hi-tech solutions, which allow to solve the traditional problems of small wastewater treatment plants in a comprehensive manner. BIOTAL technology is patented in 28 countries around the world.

Based on BIOTAL technology in 2008 were created – BIOTAL CZ s.r.o. in Olomouc (Czech Republic),  in 2008 LLC UKRBIOTAL in Rivne (Ukraine),  in 2004 – BIOTAL-BULGARIA in Varna (Bulgaria),  LLC Union BIOTAL in UAE, for integrated solution of the wastewater issue – design, production, installation and service of BIOTAL plants. Since 2000 the company UKRBIOTAL has grown from a small company, which numbered several offices, to a leader in the field of purification of small volumes of wastewater in Ukraine. Professional work of more than a hundred specialists of the company and its partner companies, the unique technology BIOTAL and the European approach ensured the dynamic growth of LLC UKRBIOTAL, in the main of which – the maximum attention to the customer, a high level of manufacturing equipment and quality service. LLC UKRBIOTAL – is the only enterprise in Ukraine, which serially produces waste water treatment plants, a member of Ukrainian Water Association. The company has developed and implemented a quality system, which is based on international standards ISO 9001-2001. In September 2008 LLC “UKRBIOTAL” has been certified in the UkrSEPRO (UA 2.055.03162-08 certificate from 22.09.2008) for Quality Management System. In May 2010 was started the production of BIOTAL plants in Czech Republic for the European countries.

Awarding to Dr. Alexander Teterja in Paris (05.22.2005) a gold medal and a certificate of “Gold” member of the 96th International Salon of Inventions Lepine Contest was an international recognition of BIOTAL technology. At the 34th International Salon of inventions, new techniques and technologies, which is the biggest event in the world, which is held under the motto “All for the person all in the name of the person” in the exhibition center Geneva Palexpo (Switzerland) (5-9.04.2006), BIOTAL plant was awarded with high praise of the International jury – gold medal in the category “environment/ecology,” and with a special prize awarded by Korean Association of Inventors for the high level of BIOTAL technology. In 2009 the company UKRBIOTAL became the winner of the Ukrainian Competition of product quality 100 best goods of Ukraine-2009  on which biological wastewater treatment unit BIOTAL was recognized as the best product in Ukraine. Technology BIOTAL is marked by a series of diplomas and medals of national and international exhibitions and competitions.

LLC UKRBIOTAL is the winner of the international competition Golden Fortune, winner of the First Ukrainian competition Environmental Quality and Safety and the Second Ukrainian competition Ecology XXI within the image program Leaders of the XXI centry, LLC UKRBIOTAL products – biological wastewater treatment plants BIOTAL were awarded with the quality mark Highest Grade.




In 2000, on the production base of UKRBIOTAL LLC in Rivne (Ukraine), the production of BIOTAL deep biological wastewater treatment plants with a capacity of 1.5 to 2400 m³/day of various types and configurations was established.

Equipment and components of BIOTAL plants are manufactured from high quality, tough and durable polypropylene SIMONA (Germany). The piping is carried out by SIMONA polypropylene pipes on thermal welding with an almost unlimited service life. The automatic control units are block-built and manufactured using elements and components of the world’s leading manufacturers: SIEMENS, MOELLER, ABB.

According to the expert opinion of 2002. B. №56. 14541. 1181 of 07.11.2002 of the State Committee of Ukraine on Occupational Health and Safety, the project documentation for the production of BIOTAL plants complies with the requirements of regulatory enactments on occupational safety and health. For 18 years, more than 7000 BIOTAL plants in 18 countries have been manufactured, put into operation and successfully operate.

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