The company “UKRBIOTAL” and authorized companies, whose employees have undergone special training and knowledge testing, carry out works on guarantee preventive maintenance of our equipment, both in Ukraine and abroad in 18 countries of the world.
Contract for service and preventive maintenance of the BIOTAL plants equipment is concluded with authorized representative offices. The schedule of works is flexible and coordinated with the Customer.
The regulation of service and preventive maintenance, approved by the main company, includes the following works:

  • Sanitary cleaning, washing of the plant;
  • Sanitary cleaning of the grid for coarse impurities detention;
  • Sanitary cleaning of the tertiary tank;
  • Sanitary cleaning of level sensors;
  • Cleaning of air duct filters;
  • Cleaning of biofilter and RFW;
  • Cleaning of solenoid valves;
  • Checking the operation of airlifts;
  • Checking the sludge concentration;
  • Checking the operation of compressors;
  • Checking the operation of pumps;
  • Checking and tightening of air ducts;
  • Checking the filling and density of sludge in the sludge pit;
  • Checking the operation of aeration systems;
  • Checking of electrical contact connections;
  • Checking the parameters of the program module.

Service from our company is a guarantee of reliable, uninterrupted operation of the BIOTAL plants, a flexible and individual approach that takes into account all the features of each individual facility, efficiency in solving of any problems during the operation of treatment plants.

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