Septic tank

In this article we will tell you that phrases (Septic tanks without pumping, Do-it-yourself Septic tank, Turnkey septic tanks for home and summer cottage, Septic tank care, Plastic septic tank, Septic tank For Country House) are not always associated with positive results.

Very often, our customers mistakenly call the “BIOTAL” septic tanks. This is due to the fact that before the local treatment facilities appeared on the market of modern efficient plants with aerobic biological treatment, which include the “BIOTAL” plant, only septic tanks were used. Before the advent of modern polymeric materials, they were concrete, or brick, and were an alternative to cesspools. What are the advantages of modern technology “BIOTAL” in comparison with archaic septic tanks?

  • 1. High efficiency wastewater treatment. The cleaning efficiency in BIOTAL installations reaches 98%. After purification, we get two useful products – industrial water, which can be used to irrigate green spaces, and excess activated sludge, which is used as fertilizer for plants. Water after the installation of “BIOTAL” can be discharged into a rain sewer, into a river, or a lake.The maximum efficiency of wastewater treatment in a septic tank is 65%. Water after the septic tank can only be discharged through the drainage system into the ground. It can not be used repeatedly, as well as dumped into a river or lake. And in the case of low filtration properties of soils (clay, loam), the use of septic tanks is simply impossible, because in this case there is nowhere to go at the outlet of the septic tank, and the site will gradually turn into a swamp.

  • 2. In the process of wastewater treatment in the installation “BIOTAL” there are no unpleasant odors. This is due to the fact that during aerobic biological wastewater treatment there is no process of water decay. In septic tanks – the decay of organic pollutants – this is the cleaning process, accompanied by the release of fetid hydrogen sulfide, as well as ammonia and methane. Owners of residential buildings equipped with cesspools and septic tanks are well acquainted with this problem.

  • 3. When treating wastewater in the BIOTAL installation, there is no need to use reagents, while in septic tanks it is recommended to use special, expensive biological products to improve the treatment process.

  • 4. The physical volume of the septic tank is three times the volume of the “BIOTAL” unit with the same performance. This is due to the fact that the anaerobic cleaning process is slower than aerobic.

In what cases is it advisable to use septic tanks? We recommend using septic tanks only at facilities remote from power supply systems, or at facilities that people visit periodically.

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