Operation of treatment facilities

BIOTAL plant works automatically and does not require daily maintenance. To avoid clogging of the receiving chamber, which can lead to its overflow and violation of the plant, it is strictly prohibited to discharge into drains rough insoluble scum (vegetable cleaning, plastic bags, rags, as well as solutions that are toxic to activated sludge bacteria, such as solvents, paints, a large number of detergents, motor oil, etc.). In case of discharge on the BIOTAL plant wastewater with concentration of fat exceeding 50 mg/l (cafes, restaurants, hotels sewage etc.), you need to install grease separator before mixing of fat-containing wastewater with industrial and domestic wastewater (SNiP-2.4.01-85*). Grease separator is not included in the set of BIOTAL plant equipment, but can be supplied according to the additional application. To check the status of the plant, it must be serviced at least once a month. Once in six months it is necessary to check the state of the electrodes of the level sensor. In case of overgrowing of the ends of the electrodes it is necessary to remove the lock of the level sensor, remove the electrodes from the water and with a sharp metal object, such as a knife, to clean the plaque at the ends of the electrodes, and then install the level sensor in place. After 2-3 years of operation of the plant it is necessary to clear the bottom of the first reactor of the plant from the sand with pump, after 8-10 years – replace the Teflon piston of the blower. Operating of BIOTAL plants of greater performance is carried out in accordance with the instructions.

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